Demand Response


What is Demand Response?


Demand Response is a diverse offering of solutions that can be combined to offset your overall energy costs. For businesses able and willing to curtail energy use in response to various grid conditions, these programs can deliver revenue and energy offsets. Along with creating an additional source of revenue, Demand Response programs help minimize the risk of sudden disruptions on the power grid. Strategic Energy Partners can help you implement a Demand Response program that fits your needs.


Benefits to participation include monetary compensation, cost reductions, and improved emergency preparedness. Your business can be compensated for participation in these programs. You will also see a reduction in energy costs when your curtailment plan is activated. Along with the monetary rewards, Demand Response programs provide valuable recognition, and showcase your commitment to social responsibility. By giving up some of your KWH during peak demand, you are allowing others access to your power. Another proponent of the Demand Response program is the ability to gain better understanding of your facilities.




Let our team of consultants work with you to decide if a Demand Response program can help you. We will perform a site visit, and work with your facility managers to learn all about your unique business needs. For some, curtailment plans are an integral part of their energy management strategy. For others, they can not be implemented due to the type of business operations required 24/7. We will be able to answer all of your questions, and manage the Demand Response project from beginning to end.