Electricity and Natural Gas Solutions

Our consultants at Strategic Energy Partners will help you identity what best pricing programs will work for you and your budget.  There are many custom-tailored solutions available, depending on your business needs.  Below are examples of a few of our most common products utilized:


Electricity Service Products

Fixed Price – The fixed price product offers the greatest stability for customers concerned with defining their future budget. It locks in the generation rate and is available for terms of up to 5 years.

Market Indexed – Reflects the wholesale electricity market conditions, providing you with accurate cost correlation to the electric retail market.

Flexible Index Pricing- For companies willing to shoulder some risk but have concerns about letting 100 percent of their energy pricing ride on the index, a block-and-index combination is a good choice. Companies can buy multiple blocks of power over time, locking in portions of a price over a certain period of time.



Natural Gas Service Products

Fixed Price – Locks in the commodity rate over a certain period of time.

Market Based Product –Locks in the transportation rate for the term of a contract but “floats” with the monthly settlement commodity rate on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex).