About Us

About Strategic Energy Partners

Strategic Energy Partners is a full service energy management firm based out of Middletown, CT.  We have an experienced consulting team that provides value to industrial, commercial, and municipal agencies in New England.

Our platform offers energy buyers an advantageous procurement approach.  The leverage of our buying power, top-tier supplier relationships, and full price transparency are key components to our platform.  This combination, paired with guidance from our subject matter experts will ensure your firm is properly aligned in all market conditions.

As a supplier-neutral consulting firm, we are a true advocate for our clients in the marketplace. We take the time to learn the business needs of each of our clients, and strategically build procurement strategies to meet those goals. Instead of receiving a price and a contract, you receive a true consulting experience.

Another key to our offering is our dedication to client education.  Energy buyers must be fully aware of all aspects of their energy costs, market conditions, and regulatory changes.  Through education and partnership, we are able to help you not only make, but understand your energy management decisions. 


The main components of our offering:

  • Supplier Neutrality
  • Leverage of buying power
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Full-Price Transparency
  • Education

We will help you:

  • Explore all of your options Match the correct product and supplier to meet your objectives
  • Get educated on market movement to help you make informed decisions
  • Get an apples-to-apples comparison of supplier offers
  • Strip supplier margin
  • Vet out supplier contracts
  • Proactively monitor the market for opportunity
  • Gain visibility on your budgets